WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria is a strategy war game where players deploy, maintain, and mobilize a medieval fantasy army against one another. The alignment system presents challenging decisions to the players, which will affect the loyalty of their units, and the leadership of their warlord. Units without loyalty are susceptible to leaving your army; or worse, they can be persuaded to join an opponent's. There is no randomness; players must out-think their opponents to achieve one of many possible win conditions.

WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria is wholly owned and developed by Punk This Studios.

The Basics of Victory

There are multiple strategies that players can employ in order to achieve one of the many possible victory conditions. A player is declared the winner if any of the below victory conditions are achieved:

A Simple Start

In WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria you and your opposing player(s), must select one of the many powerful and unique warlords for which you will assume the role of throughout your war campaign. After warlord selection, players will then select their starting war camp location on a square tiled battle map. Your starting location is important as understanding both the battle map's terrain composition, and settlement distributions will have a critical influence on your developing strategy.

Once war camp and warlord placement is complete, the final step is to distribute starting gold. Each player starts with an initial warfund of 120 gold. The game can now begin, starting with the player whose warlord has the lowest initiative, as listed on the round-guiding initiative table.

Warfund: Gold Management

Each player starts their war campaign with the same initial amount of gold. The proper management of gold, referred to as a warfund, is critical to achieving victory. Gold is used for any of the following activities: The player can also be forced to payout gold to other players through the following activities: As a warlord, you’ll quickly realize that more gold must be acquired in order to lead a successful campaign. Gold is primarily earned in one of four key means:

Unit Alignment & Loyalty

All units have a listed alignment, which is the combination of a good vs evil scale, and a separate chaos vs law scale. Each scale has a balanced neutral middle-point as well.

Unit Deployment

At certain points during a game round, you can spend gold to deploy a unit onto the battle map. Whenever a unit is deployed, the owning player grabs the unit’s reference card and associated pair unit ID pieces. These three game pieces are needed in order for a player to uniquely identify and manage their unit’s current status, battle map location, and initiative order.

Newly deployed units start disabled for the current game round, and are not yet ready to act until the next game round. At the end of the current game round, all disabled units become enabled and ready to act for the new round. Disabled units cannot lose loyalty, and skip their end-of-round upkeep payment.

Deploying a unit requires the following conditions to be satisfied:

There are other rules and nuances to learn within this game. However, at its core, WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria is all about combat. You won't stand a chance against your opponents if you fail to strategize, and tactically execute on your plans. Like with the game of Chess, there is no hidden information; when you fail, it will be due to your own mistakes. But don't worry, with every failure comes a well-learned lesson; which will sharpen your wits, and hone your skills for the next oncoming battle. So gather some friends together and...

Fight it out!

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