A Game of Fantasy, War, and Ideological Dominance

WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria is a strategy board game of medieval fantasy warfare; where leadership influences the loyalty of ally and enemy units. Units without loyalty are susceptible to leaving your army; or worse, be persuaded to join the enemy.

Choose Your Warlord

Pick a unique warlord to lead your army. Their alignment of Chaos, Neutral, or Law influences how you play. While Good or Evil restricts your deployment options.

Chaos Evil

Tangus favors aggression.


Anna'Xandra offers versatility.

Law Good

Golyar promotes defending.

Recruit Any Unit to Your Army

Only units that oppose your warlord's good or evil alignment will refuse to serve within your army. Take care, however, as each unit's loyalty is not easily earned.

Gather intel and deploy units that'll counter your foes.

Unique and diverse units await your command.

Leadership Will Devastate Your Foes

Warlords have unique ways to earn leadership, including challenging each other to a duel. Spend leadership to Influence the Public and shift the loyalty of all ally and enemy units.

Earning Your Army's Loyalty

Engage the enemy in combat, or subdue them through the manipulation of loyalty. Without loyalty, units are susceptible to leaving your army; or worse, be persuaded to join the enemy.

When a unit has negative loyalty they automatically recall.

Gain loyalty to prevent units from leaving your army.

Deep & Immersive Tactical Combat

The innovative initiative system has each unit taking their turn, rather than a player controlling all of their units at once. This allows for quicker turns and more opportunities to respond.

Units fulfill various roles for your army.

Move flying units to the sky to avoid melee attacks.

Discover countless ally unit combat synergies.

Multiple Paths to Victory

Mobilize your army in an effort to reign supreme amidst the war torn lands of Vitoria. There is no randomness; players must out-think their opponents to achieve victory.

Have the last surviving warlord and war camp.

First to fully level-up their war camp.

Have the largest army when the game ends.

How to Play Videos

High quality How to Play videos are available for those that prefer learning by watching.

There are other rules and nuances to learn within this game. However, at its core, WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria is all about combat. You won't stand a chance against your opponents if you fail to strategize, and tactically execute on your plans. Like with the game of Chess, there is no hidden information; when you fail, it will be due to your own mistakes. But don't worry, with every failure comes a well-learned lesson; which will sharpen your wits, and hone your skills for the next oncoming battle. So gather some friends together and...

Fight it out!

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