How to Play

Within this page you will find downloadable PDF documents for the Player Guide and Rulebook. You will also find a series of How To Play videos that may better explain the rules of WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria. Use the below links to select between learning the Apprentice game rules, or the Master game rules.

How to Play - Apprentice Rules

Player Guide PDF

WarBonds - Player Guide - Apprentice - Alpha v1.48.pdf

Rulebook PDF

WarBonds - Apprentice Rulebook - Alpha v1.48.pdf

Tutorial Videos

How to Play - Master Rules

Player Guide PDF

WarBonds - Player Guide - Master - Alpha v2.87.pdf

Rulebook PDF

WarBonds - Master Rulebook - Alpha v2.90.pdf

Tutorial Videos

Videos are listed in the same order found within the rulebook. Videos with the icon are critical to understanding the game; and should not be skipped. Videos with the icon are optional, and can be skipped.


Game Setup

Achieving Victory

Round-based Gameplay

Initiative Table


Unit Reference Card & ID Pieces

Unit Alignments

Playing the first game round example

Unit Attributes

Unit Stats



Unit Deployment

Upgrading Squad Units


Unit Movement

Unit Health

Attacking & Combat


Performing Abilities & Effects

Universal Abilities







War Fund Management

War Camps


Alternative Arcade Rules

Versus Chart

vs Bingo Chart

More details will eventually be listed here.

For now, visit the About page to learn more on WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria.

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