Squad Units

Begotten Witches

Upgrades Into: Beast Master, Choking Knightmare, Karpathian Vampire, Puppet Master.
Alignment: Chaos Evil.
Unit Attributes: Magical, Flying, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Magic.
Roles: Loyalty Manipulation, Disruptor, Upgrading.

Squad Unit's Design: The Begotten Witches are designed as a low costing, highly effective enemy demoralizing unit. This unit is one of the few that can cause a direct loss of Loyalty for targeted enemy units via Hex. Their Bewitch ability also ensures that the hexed units remain disloyal, and likely to retreat from the battle. Being one of the best Loyalty-Manipulating units, the Begotten Witches provide a key tactical advantage against the more expensive elite units (especially those whom have a difficult or slow time earning loyalty). The Bewitch ability can also block the usage of certain powerful Loyalty-costing enemy abilities within an area. The Begotten Witches aren't particularly effective in combat, and have a somewhat low survivability. It is best to keep this unit flying in the sky, to avoid melee confrontations. Although, enemy ranged units can make quick work of Begotten Witches in the sky.


Upgrades Into: Beast Master, Choking Knightmare, Fasted Monk, Holy Diver, Hunter of the Night, Karpathian Vampire, Puppet Master.
Alignment: Chaos Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Siege, Growth Manipulation, Upgrading.

Squad Unit's Design: Berserkers are one of the cheapest units in the game, and are purpose-built to harass and pillage settlements or war camps. By utilizing these units, players can assault settlements or war camps without leaving these units vulnerable to counter attacks due to their enhanced Mobility. When a settlement poses too big of a threat to pillage, this unit can assist in downgrading its size, through Liberate. Mobility also makes these units rather effective in unit-to-unit melee combat, by exploiting small openings on the battlefield without blocking these gaps from being utilized by others. Berserkers are rather basic with their normal damage, and have no defensive advantages. Berserkers are however, disadvantaged against flying units.

Council of Mages

Upgrades Into: Beast Master, Blood Countess, Bounty Hunter, Choking Knightmare, Fasted Monk, Holy Diver, Hunter of the Night, Karpathian Vampire, Lunar Huntress, Puppet Master, Wise Shahmaran, Ziggurat Mummy
Alignment: True Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Magical, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: All.
Roles: Anti-Elemental, Movement Manipulation, Healer.

Squad Unit's Design: The Council of Mages are designed as a highly mobile skirmishing squad unit that is particularly effective at exploiting units with damage type vulnerabilities. Most elemental units have a damage type vulnerability, which makes the Council of Mages particularly effective against them. The Council of Mages reward players that have a more thorough understanding of units deployed by their opponents, through the use of Spellbook and Lift. In addition, this is one of the few units that can deal life or death damage, which makes them fill the healer role when needed. This unit is reliant on their limited-use supply-costing abilities, and will eventually require resupplying. Their true neutral alignment, along with their magical aptitude and experimentation also presents their owning player the largest set of elite unit upgrade options.

Domesticated Corvus

Upgrades Into: Quisling Cockatrice, Gaveling Thunderbird, Mythical Siren, Gilded Shvod.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Small, Flying, Bestial.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Supply Manipulation, Attrition, Unit Support.

Squad Unit's Design: The Domesticated Corvus are designed as an offensive supply manipulation unit, for the front-lines. This is one of the few units in the game that can resupply its fellow ally units. However, this unit must first Scavenge the supply from enemy units before it can Gift its allies with new supply. When there is no need to directly manipulate supply, this unit can still be a great annoyance for the opponents by Pestering enemy units into paying higher upkeep costs. Given that these creatures primarily feed off of the dead, they do work well in armies that utilize undead and small bestial units. Due to their small size however, this unit is typically not a combat threat.

Evasive Vegemen

Upgrades Into: Fruitful Sycomore, Mire Creeper, Pollinating Lyris.
Alignment: Chaos Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Small, Wild, Plant.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Supply Manipulation, Gold Manipulation, Attrition.
Wild Terrain: Forest and Swamp.

Squad Unit's Design: Evasive Vegemen are designed as a low-costing gold and supply resource manipulating units. Through their Looter ability, these units can cause a great disruption to an enemy's war-fund management and front-line supply dependent units. Being a plant unit, they are particularly effective when occupying forest terrain which grants them healing and automatic squad member stocking; along with increased number of attacks per turn. If left uncontested, these units can assault settlements and enemy war camps, opting to delay a pillage in exchange for greater looted gold. The ability to thieve gold from opponents is quite effective, as it'll surely lead to long-term war-fund mismanagement. The trade-off however, is that the Evasive Vegemen leave these assaulted targets unscathed.


Upgrades Into: Beast Master, Blood Countess, Bounty Hunter, Choking Knightmare, Fasted Monk, Holy Diver, Hunter of the Night, Karpathian Vampire, Lunar Huntress, Puppet Master, Ziggurat Mummy.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Upgrading, Gold Manipulation, Anti-Humanoid.

Squad Unit's Design: The Mercenaries are designed as a low-cost anti-humanoid melee squad unit that can be paid gold to efficiently boost their loyalty. When using mercenaries, players will be able to build their loyalty quickly and cheaply, via their For Hire and Influence abilities. In addition, mercenaries are an ideal squad unit to upgrade into various elite units. The mercenaries are intended to offer players the flexibility to change between chaos or law based strategies. Instead of being penalized for changing between chaos and law strategies, the mercenaries allow players to be rewarded when adopting an opposing strategy. Combat-wise, this unit is rather plain in their offensive and defensive capabilities. Their Spoils of War ability, when coupled with their combat bonus versus humanoids, will promote and reward offensive tactics.


Upgrades Into: Bounty Hunter, Puppet Master, Holy Diver, Choking Knightmare, Karpathian Vampire, Lunar Huntress, Blood Countess, Ziggurat Mummy.
Alignment: Law Neutral.
Unit Attributes: Armored, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Anti-Mount, Protector, Damage Dealer.

Squad Unit's Design: The Phalanx are designed as an low costing anti-mount area defending unit. Phalanx units have resistance to two of the more popular damage types, normal and fire. Their Javelin ability ensures that they can effectively defend themselves against flying units when needed, or to give them the extra needed assault range to make up for their slower movement speed. Group Trained encourages players to deploy multiple phalanx units, which increases their offensive capabilities when positioned alongside one another.

The Living Dead

Upgrades Into: Karpathian Vampire, Rotting Mermaid, Ziggurat Mummy.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Unit Attributes: Undead, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Ice.
Roles: Attrition, Anti-Magical, Upgrading.

Squad Unit's Design: The Living Dead are designed as a highly efficient, and hard to kill front-line combat squad unit. Their Undeath and Grave Dig abilities pressure opponents into fully committing to killing or hard-countering these units in order to prevent them from restocking back to full size. In addition, these units are equipped with specialized ice-damage enhanced bone arrows, that allow them to deal with enemy flying units. The main drawback to The Living Dead is their lacking natural ability to generate loyalty. In addition, there are key countering units that opponents can utilize which can shutdown this unit's Undeath and Grave Dig abilities.

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