Tangus the Unchained

Personality: Impatient, Ruthless, Legendary Warrior, Prideful, Self Reliant, Impressed by those who are able to accomplish great tasks through their own merits.
Bio: Adult Male.
Race: Orc.
Alignment: Chaos Evil.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Fire.
Roles: Siege, Tank, Damage Dealer.

Warlord Design: Tangus's general gameplay design is to fill the signature aggressor role. His significant strength allows him to pillage level-1 settlements or war camps by himself, over the span of 2 game rounds. Tangus is armored, has high health, and can self heal. Given his excellent combat capabilities, Tangus would win nearly any warlord duel.

Tangus's Past: Born within the prisons of the Rancorth province, Tangus never grew to know his blood parents. Tangus was sold on the slave market to the farming province of Meaden, as a baby. Early in this childhood, Tangus displayed incredible strength. Because of this, Tangus's slave duties became ever more physical and demanding. Tangus grew to hate his enslavement, his owners, and the concept of slavery. As Tangus got older, he became an increasingly hostile threat to his owner. Out of fear of eventually being unable to restrain Tangus, his owner sold Tangus to another owner from the distant desert province of Vistil. However, by this time it was too late. Through brute strength, Tangus broke free of this chains. The owner and his entire family in Meaden were slaughtered. Tangus then headed north towards Rancorth, killing any and all known slave owners or traders that he came across. Along the way Tangus freed any chained slaves, but refused to let any of those freed to follow him. Those that did follow, were challenged by Tangus, and quickly killed out of disgust.

Rise to Lord: When Tangus reached Rancorth, he tried to enter its famed military academy, but was turned down by the academy's headmaster Urill Kiver due to his lack of money or prestigious upbringing. Tangus noted the open usage and trade of slaves throughout the province. Tangus conspired with many slaves of various well-off nobility. By promising to free those slaves who provided detailed information of their owner's fortunes and activities, Tangus was able to determine which owners contained the biggest and most accessible wealth with the smallest risks of being caught. Tangus then strategically slaughtered one wealthy slave owner after another. Tangus freed these slaves unless they requested access to some of the spoils, or offered servitude to Tangus. When this occurred, Tangus considered them weak, and quickly killed them.

With these stolen fortunes, Tangus was able to re-enter the academy, under its new headmaster Lork Breen. Urill Kiver was appointed lordship of Rancorth through his prestige and marriage into the previous lord's (Leed Orro) family. Tangus excelled at the academy, and eventually earned the attention of Urill. Tangus challenged Urill to a sparring match, after being overlooked for selection as one of Urill's personal guards. Urill accepted the challenge and defeated Tangus. This marked the first time that Tangus was ever defeated in battle. After the fight, Urill allowed Tangus to serve as the personal guard for his wife (Ronill Orro Kiver). Though Tangus never showed it, he was humiliated by this offer. Tangus accepted the offer under the condition that Urill abolishes slavery in Rancorth. Initially, Urill banned the active trading of slaves in Rancorth. Enforcement of this law was placed under the command of Tangus. Pressure from the various noble families of Rancorth prevented Urill from fully abolishing slavery in Rancorth (existing ownership, and slave-born children was still allowed). To distract Tangus from his fleeting promise, Urill turned Tangus on to the false idea of taking control of nearby provinces Meaden, and Crossroads. These two provinces were the biggest practitioners of slavery and slave-trading. However, Urill made little progress towards developing a strategic war plan.

As time passed, during a "busy" assignment, Tangus was informed of this deceptive tactic by Urill. When Tangus returned to Rancorth, he rallied all of his loyal cadets and freed any combat capable slaves. Within 24-hours of his return to Rancorth, Tangus seized control of the Lord's keep, and defeated Urill Kiver in a duel. Tangus then took claim over Lordship of Rancorth. The first order from Tangus was to free all slaves within the province. Any slave owners who remained within Rancorth were to be arrested. Daily gladiatorial events were held, with each arrested slave owner given a chance to earn their release by having to fight against each slave that they owned. Within a months time, Tangus amassed a large trained force to assault the Crossroads during it's largest commercial trading event; reaping many spoils, and freeing all slaves being traded within the Crossroad's neutral gray-law market.

Ambition: Tangus yearns to push past his limits and find out how far his combat and leadership capabilities will take him. Tangus will not hesitate to obliterate any obstacles that get in his way.

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