Anna'Xandra Soul Judiciary

Home: The destroyed ruins of the once central trading town, The Crossroads.
Personality: Patient, Obedient, Contemplative, Overburdened, Empathetic, Confidential, Cautious, Repressed, and Morbid.
Bio: Female young adult.
Race: Human.
Alignment: Neutral.
Attributes: Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Life and Death.
Roles: Anti-Undead, Disruptor, Loyalty Manipulation.

Warlord Design: Anna'Xandra is designed to penalize other players that utilize Law and Chaos units via her Judge the Living and Judge the Dead abilities. While other players need to think twice about deploying units of Chaos or Law alignment, Anna'Xandra is free utilize them while potentially benefiting through Judge the Dead. Tieing into her backstory, her Scythe and Undertaker abilities gives Anna'Xandra a distinct edge against opponents that utilize undead units. However, this comes with the restriction of Anna'Xandra being unable to utilize undead units. Of the neutral warlords, Anna'Xandra is the only one with a reduced selection of evil units due to Undertaker.

Anna'Xandra was born and raised in the neutral trading hub of The Crossroads. Anna'Xandra was present when her mother died at an early and impactful age, leaving a deep respect for Life, Death, and the astral plane by which all souls must travel to reach their designated afterlife. Her father, Edwin Lockheart was the Crossroads cleric and gravekeeper, whom provided funeral services regardless of religious affiliation. Edwin raised Anna’Xandra in the unbiased religious teachings to never judge a living soul, as it is always Death's responsibility to pass final judgement. During Tangus's sneak-attack raid and complete destruction of the Crossroads, Edwin was killed while Anna’Xandra was told to hide away during the assault.

Rise to Power:
Deliberation: In the following day's aftermath of the Crossroads destruction, Anna'Xandra swore a vengeance upon Tangus. She later became detestful of the neighboring ally provinces after learning of their hesitation to aid and protect the Crossroads due to their own biased political practices. However, after a spiritual vision of her father appearing within a puddle of water, Anna’Xandra became aware of a greater disturbance. Putting her vengeance aside, Anna’Xandra sought out the cause for this disturbance. During a rainstorm on her travels, Anna'Xandra saw a mirage-like image playing in the distant rain. She saw an impossibly tall spire that pierced the Astral Plane. On top of this spire rests a throne with a silhouette of a woman sitting upon it. At the base of this grand spire, stretches an endless Boneyard, with rotting skeletal creatures crawling and shambling outward; they were escaping the astral plane and heading towards the material plane (the natural "human" world of existence).

Anointment: These visions led to Anna’Xandra's return to the ruins of the Crossroads. There she dug up her father's grave; relieved to find his corpse left undesecrated, but grasping onto a Scythe that was not present when she initially buried him. This Scythe was not unfamiliar to her, as it appeared within the first visions of her father. Anna'Xandra took the Scythe, and without any prior knowledge recited an oath; becoming the Soul Judiciary of Vitoria.

Anna'Xandra knows full well that all-out-war will engulf the region. She is also aware of the presence of the bigger threat of the approaching undead. She is attempting to bring stability and unification to the various provinces within the region, with the hopes of refocusing their efforts towards combating the undead. During her travels and negotiations with the various province lords of Meaden, Maivien, Nighier, and Forgo; Anna'Xandra has swayed their collective attention towards defeating Tangus. Once Tangus is defeated, the immediate threat of Rancorth will subside. Hopefully, if Anna'Xandra is quick enough she'll be able to address her bigger concern of an approaching undead army, as foreseen in her visions. When all-out-war has been avoided, Anna'Xandra wishes to return to the ruins of The Crossroads and rebuild it.

Avenging Irvan Crowmaker

Home: Lord of the slave farming province of Meaden.
Personality: Focused on his ambitions, practical decision-maker, analytical, perfectionist, racist attitude against Orcs.
Bio: Male adult.
Race: Half-Elv.
Alignment: Law.
Attributes: Humanoid, Bestial, Mount.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Acid.
Roles: Infiltrator, Loyalty Manipulation, Growth Manipulation.

Warlord Design: Irvan is designed to protect settlements. If Irvan is able to claim protection of one or more settlements, he is then able to focus towards going on the offensive. By enforcing Serfdom within his protected settlement, Irvan gains a boon of leadership at the sacrifice of slowing a settlement's growth. With leadership, Irvan can play Politics with his allies and quickly earn their trust and respect. Politics offers the player flexibility to make unfavorable decisions, or ensure that his critical units remain loyal towards his cause. A natural Marshal, Irvan has tasked himself with the duty of protecting his people and his allies. As a trained Hunter of Lorenth, Irvan and his unique aspidaceros mount, are a deadly pair that excel in combat and maneuverability. Having a vindictive nature, Hunter gives Irvan a distinctive combat edge against warlord and elite units.

Irvan's Past:
Irvan was raised on the Crowmaker family wheat farm in Meaden, as the youngest son of 5 siblings. The Crowmaker family were slave owners, who typically treated their properties well. Irvan himself treated all slaves, well, and sympathized with their suffering; especially those tasked with more difficult duties. Irvan often visited the farm where Tangus was held during his enslavement. During these visits, Irvan felt especially sorrowful for Tangus's special treatment. Irvan would often sneak extra food from his home to Tangus, in the middle of the night. On the night of Tangus's breakout, the Crowmaker family farm was one of the slave owning homes along Tangus's destructive path. Tangus slaughtered the entire Crowmaker family, leaving only Irvan alive as the sole survivor. As a result of this impactful event, Irvan pledged a life of protection and vengeance. Shortly afterwards Irvan was taken to the province of Lorenth, and raised by his mother's family. In Lorenth there was no slavery, and Irvan nearly forgot about it's existence; but he never forgot Tangus. Irvan was trained in the Elven ways, and became exceptional with the bow and sword. When Irvan reached his adulthood, he decided to travel back to Meaden, and offer his services to protect it.

Rise to Lord:
Upon his return, Irvan was quick to assess the conditions that left Meaden weak and vulnerable. At the time, the lord of Meaden was Charles the Bulbous. During these troublesome times, the people grew increasingly frustrated with Charles' empty promises to improve Meaden's conditions. Meaden was weak on its defenses. Most merchants and farmers make their profits from exporting their products to the neighboring provinces. Due to the lack of protection, these trading routes would often be raided by bandits. When these farmers and merchants complained to Charles, he would cheaply hire a few mercenaries to protect these roads. Most of those hired were from other provinces, and some of them consisted of the very bandits that initiated these raids.

Another complaint of the people, was the relatively high living-tax that was imposed on the province inhabitants. Charles imposed these high taxes in order to fund his extravagant and wasteful lifestyle. Irvan was disgusted with the inefficient manner to which the current lord was running Meaden. Irvan gained the favor of the farm families by providing protection on their trade excursions. Irvan then conspired with the farming families to steadily raise the price of their goods sold to the lord. Being the lazy bulbous person that he was, Charles responded by further raising the living-tax on Meaden's inhabitants, in order to continue his consumption. The combination of extra high living-tax and food prices, greatly angered the people of Meaden. When the inhabitants of Meaden questioned the high food prices, the farmers and merchants squarely blamed the lord's high taxes as the cause. Irvan then gained the favor of the people by convincing them to stop paying the unfair living-tax. Irvan, with the funding of the farming families, created a small contingent of fighters known by the people as "The Garrison of Meaden". These fighters, lead by Irvan, defended any homes that refused to pay the living-tax. Within a few months time, the majority of Lord Charles's guards left their post due to lack of payment.

Lord Charles, for fear of his life, hastily fled Meaden under the cover of night. The following day it was discovered that Meaden was without its lord. The people quickly turned to the leader of "The Garrison of Meaden", Irvan Crowmaker, and requested that he becomes the new lord and protector of Meaden. Since this time, Irvan has ensured relatively safe trading routes, a fairly low living-tax, continuous improvements and expansion of Meaden's irrigation and farming, increased use of slaves, and decent standing trade-relations with Crossroads, Maivien, Forgo, Dirkholm, Vistil, and Lorenth.

Word eventually reached Irvan about the decimation of the Crossroads by the hands of Rancorth's new lord, Tangus the Unchained. This information was further backed by the witness accounts of Anna'Xandra, Ruffus, and Vilna. With Meaden's trade routes in jeopardy, Irvan is quick to surmise that Rancorth's next target will be Meaden itself. This is the first time, since Irvan's childhood, that he has learned about Tangus's whereabouts. Irvan knows that he cannot idle by, nor would he. Now that Tangus has reentered his life, Irvan's full attention is the protection of Meaden, and the assassination of Tangus. Irvan has already begun to plan out his vengeance. He is more than willing to establish questionable alliances, and make the hard decisions that could lead to the loss of major Meaden resources and lives. To Irvan, however, these sacrifices are necessary to ensure victory.

Colette Iron-Heart Schneider

Home: The brown mountain province of Forgo.
Personality: Generous, loyal, dependable, persistent, stubborn, possessive, and self-indulging.
Bio: Female adult.
Race: Dwarf.
Alignment: Law.
Attributes: Armored, Magical, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal.
Roles: Terrain Manipulation, Growth Manipulation, Protector.

Warlord Design: Colette Iron-Heart Schneider is designed as the ideal warlord for pursuing the settlement growth victory condition. Her defensive play-style puts the pressure on other players to oppose and counter her selfish isolationist strategy. To maximize on Colette's industrious skills, the player only needs to protect a single settlement; although they would benefit greatly from protecting additional settlements. However, it is difficult to protect multiple settlements in situations where your forces must be divided up. Colette is a tactician that best applies her dwarven mountain-born knowledge to gain a defensive terrain advantage, and a well-directed insight into ranged attacks. When defending a settlement, Colette is surely at her best. If an opponent can manage to take a surprise counter-protection of a settlement, she'll be at a major disadvantage. If Colette spends too much time concentrating on settlement growth, rather than bolstering her military, other players could end up dominating the remainder of the battle map's settlements. When playing as Colette, players must carefully balance between settlement growth, multi-settlement protection, deforest locations, and defensive unit composition.

Colette's Past:
Colette Schneider's father, Elric Schneider, was a great engineer; and the prior lord of Forgo. He created the Enigma Machine, which could fabricate and instill magic upon objects. Elric wanted to keep the machine a secret until it was complete. He never made his Enigma Machine publicly known for fear that such a device could cause great panic throughout the magic deprived province of Forgo. Elric was always against reclaiming the Lost Living Forge of Forgo, knowing that the province of Forgo has never been able to reclaim it for hundreds of years. Since Colette was oblivious to the Enigma Machine's existence, she ventured forth into the depths of the Living Forge with the greatest warriors of Forgo, hoping to re-establish Forgo's lost magical prowess. Against Elric's wishes, his daughter Colette attempted to reclaim the Living Forge. During this grievous venture, Colette sustained a mortal wound to her chest and heart, delivered by the madness-gripped creature known as Frio-Ardor; whom guards the Lost Living Forge of Forgo. Elric used the Enigma Machine to build a new heart made of cold-iron and fused it with life-saving magic. After saving his daughter, Elric was furious with himself, his daughter, and of his people's lust for the arcane. Elric left Forgo, taking his inventions, and leaving his lordship and daughter behind.

Rise to Lord:
Multiple well-respected people have laid their claim as the new lord of Forgo. Colette had the most followers, but competition from the other Forgo political leaders prevented anyone from claiming lordship of Forgo. It was suggested that whomever reclaims the Living Forge, should be the next lord of Forgo. Colette's previously failed raid to reclaim the Living Forge a few years ago resulted in heavy loses to Forgo's militia. This also caused her appointment as the next lord to be so heavily contested. Knowing the limits and weaknesses of Forgo's militia, Colette made a critically important deal with Anna'Xandra, Golyar, Barq, and Vilna to reclaim the Living Forge. This secret mercenary team was able to successfully reclaim the Living Forge, defeating Frio-Ardor, and gave credit to Colette's leadership and guidance. Now, as the newly appointed lord of Forgo it is Colette's duty to harness the lost power of the Living Forge, and bring back the wonders of magic to the deprived people of this once flourishing province.

Colette wants to see to the long-term revitalization of Forgo's people. With the Living Forge now under control of the Forgo people, she believes it is only a matter of time before Forgo reestablishes its might throughout the lands. However, Rancorth's raiding of the trade routes is causing long-term supply issues. Forgo relies on food provisions from other provinces to keep its people fed. Forgo's nearby lands are infertile due to the ancient war between the Forgo and Ziergo dwarven nations. With Forgo's limited militia, Colette has agreed to ally with the lords of Maivien and Meaden. Through a contract deal negotiated by Anna'Xandra, Golyar, Barq, and Vilna, Forgo will supply the needed weapons, armor, and other war supplies for the eventual assault on Rancorth. If Rancorth can be defeated, then trading can be reestablished, and Colette can focus her efforts on rebuilding Forgo. While this is going on, Colette has been entrusted with the Verdurous Lantern by Anna'Xandra, Golyar, and Barq. Colette has agreed to safely deliver the Verdurous Lantern to the lord of Maivien, but has instead opted to keep the artifact within Forgo. She believes that by using the Verdurous Lantern, the nearby lands of Forgo can become fertile again; allowing Forgo to become a fully self-sufficient province.

Conflicted Warlock Vilna

Home: Born in Witherwood Mire. Homeless.
Personality: Intelligent, quiet, indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, inquiring, curious, and alert.
Bio: Female young adult.
Race: Mahgoth Elf.
Alignment: Chaos.
Attributes: Magical, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Magic.
Roles: Upgrading, Tank, Siege.

Warlord Design: Conflicted Warlock Vilna is a truly unique warlord in that she is the only one capable of gaining a good or evil alignment. Her Soul-Searching ability allows the player to choose between adopting a good or evil strategy; in response to how the other players strategize. Because of her bleak past, and family heritage, Vilna's moral compass is being contested by both Divine Guidance, and Demonic Influence. This unique mechanic allows her to gain both a significant boon of leadership and health, after the player commits to either a good or evil alignment. The transition to a new alignment, via True Calling, can be used as a defensive tactic that can yield a powerful clutch-heal. This alignment flexibility comes at a cost however, as Conflicted Warlock Vilna does not possess any unique leadership gaining or spending abilities. This leaves her in a severely weakened starting state, when compared to the other warlords. Because of this, playing Vilna typically requires focusing on her survival, while also deciding how she is to transition. If the player can achieve this self-fulfilling quest, then they'll be rewarded with a universally powerful evil-aligned Wicked Warlock Vilna, or an anti-evil combating Redeemed Vilna Sharat.

Vilna's Past:
Vilna is the last surviving member of the Sharat family. The Sharat family were a magically powerful and respected group within the Mahgoth Elf community. This family, along with many other Mahgoth elves, formed a secret group known as the Hunters of the Night. The Hunters of the Night specialized in tracking and eliminating various evil creatures that lurked throughout the Kefier region. Due to the Mahgoth's ancient ties to the evil gods, they possessed a natural affinity for this task. The training and formation of the Hunters of the Night didn't start until an elven woman calling herself Elder Mother Ni'Lonne came into contact with the Mahgoth tribe.

Prior to Ni'Lonne's mentoring, the Mahgoth people did not concern themselves with matters of the outside world. The Mahgoth quarantined themselves to Witherwood Mire, after their feud with the Lorenth elves was ended many years prior. Many Mahgoth elves struggle with their moral convictions; which limited their society's ability grow and thrive. Much infighting and turmoil occurred within the Mahgoth community due to Ni'Lonne's mentoring. Ni'Lonne's goal was to provide the Mahgoth with both moral guidance, and with a purpose of fighting the many evils that exist within the world. If the Mahgoth could confront and eliminate the evils of the world, then perhaps they could free themselves from its mental, moral, and spiritual grasp.

A few decades prior to the current world events, nearly all of the Mahgoth tribe was killed by an intoxicated Baranthus. Vilna, a child at the time, was the sole surviving full-blooded Mahgoth Elf from this surprise attack. Brad's militia, secretly took Vilna as a prisoner back to the province of Brad. Vilna was kept as an enslaved servant to Brad's lord Lyven Korkrel. To Lyven, Vilna was an all-to-important bargaining chip with Dirkholm. Lyven sought eternal life, and eventually was informed by Morticia that the key for long-lasting youth, resided within Dirkholm nobility.

Vilna, now a matured teenager, was traded to Dirkholm in exchange for Brad's lord Lyven Korkrel to acquire a supply of Ethereal Blood. Dirkholm's now lord Isis, knowing of the Mahgoth elves' power, agreed to this exchange with the hopes of converting Vilna into a loyal and powerful undead servant. Although the exchange was successful, Isis never acquired Vilna as she was rescued by a group of underground holy resistance warriors within Dirkholm. During this time, the general Dirkholm public was kept intentionally unaware of grave worms, grave blood, and that both Isis and the Dirkholm nobility were undead. With Vilna now seemingly under the possession of the holy resistance warriors, Isis unleashed a widespread plague throughout the island province.

Due to the spreading plague, the holy resistance shifted from their goal of combating the undead elite. They instead focused on evacuating as many unafflicted people that they could, onto the Kefier mainland. Vilna was one of the first to be evacuated, and sadly the only one to be unaffected by the plague. Alone, Vilna continued to travel northward; reaching the southern outskirts of Meaden. A slave trading merchant found Vilna, recognized her slave branded mark, and with false promises escorted her to Rancorth to be sold. The timing was rather fateful, as Tangus had usurped Kiver and became Rancorth's new lord. The merchant, along with Scarred Ruffus the Red, Ilona the Blind, Vilna, and the rest of his slave cargo fled to the Crossroads; where he hoped to sell them.

Rise to Power:
Vilna's liberation from enslavement coincides with Tangus the Unchained's pillaging of the Crossroads. During this assault Vilna first tapped into her innate magical power in order to defend herself. Vilna, Ruffus, Ilona, Tiera, and Anna'Xandra were the sole survivors after this assault. Their travels are chronicled within the various back stories of the other warlords. Until this point, much of Vilna's formative life was built experiencing some of the worst that civilized society had to offer. Vilna, being both attractive and a mysteriously dark-skinned elf, lead to a few attempts at courtship from Ruffus and Aelex Zweihander.

Vilna continued to travel and adventure alongside Anna'Xandra, as various party members came and gone. For Vilna, she witnessed firsthand the destruction of Anna'Xandra's home, and loss of her father. Vilna knew what motivated Anna'Xandra's decisions, and because of this felt that she could trust Anna'Xandra. The more engaged with conflict Vilna became, the stronger her ability to channel magic. However, her venture through the Lost Living Forge of Forgo left Vilna conflicted with an evil psychopathic madness.

Conflicted Warlork Vilna's evil affliction from the Lost Living Forge of Forgo has awakened her inner ancestral evils and hatred. Yet, her more pleasant recent travel experiences and communications with Anna'Xandra and Aelex Zweihander prevents her conscience from being fully compromised by the demonic influence. Vilna is struggling with right and wrong. So many of her experiences of this world compel her to embrace the hate. Her power continues to grow, as does her confidence to defend herself. Will Vilna give into these dark temptations, and embrace the hatred? Or, will Vilna see the greater light that twinkles among the celestial stars?

Redeemed Vilna Sharat

Personality: Intelligent, outgoing, decisive, impulsive, reliable, inquiring, alert, and judicious.
Alignment: Chaos Good.
Attributes: Magical, Humanoid, Flying, Armored.
Damage Affinity: Magic and Life.
Roles: Combat Support, Healer, Artillery.

Warlord Design: Redeemed Vilna Sharat is designed as the definitive anti-evil warlord. Given the initial requirement of starting as Conflicted Warlock Vilna, when she becomes Redeemed Vilna Sharat players will find her to be far stronger. In this form she excels at protecting her allies with Divine Conviction. Her ability to discern evil alignment manifests through her Confession ability. Vilna's intent to hunt down evil fuels her Divine Leadership, and provides offensive direction to her allies. Vilna can evoke her Soul Power to provide critical healing to allies, or deal righteous damage to distant fleeing enemies.

Warlord's Salvation:
Vilna, along with Anna'Xandra, Barq, and Baranthus were sent by Irvan Crowmaker to rendezvous with Aelex Zweihander and representatives from Lorenth. Aelex was sent ahead of time to setup and escort the Lorenth representatives to a half-way meeting point between Meaden and Lorenth. This particularly important diplomatic meeting between Lorenth and Meaden was intended by Irvan to gain military aid from Lorenth in order to amass a proper army to defend against Rancorth's anticipated assault on Meaden. When Vilna arrived at the location, only the reanimated bodies of the dead, Aelex included, were to be found.

Vilna's confrontation with Aelex exposed her to the true horrors that dwell within Dirkholm, and throughout the rest of the Kefier region. Aelex also revealed the truth behind the deaths of her Sharat family, with the hope of convincing Vilna to join alongside him. Vilna turned down Aelex's proposal, and killed him. This highly emotional event transformed Vilna, giving her semi-visible spiritual wings, and the ability to discern the goodness of one's heart by peering into the depths of their soul. Afterwards, Vilna took Aelex's armor and modified it alongside her own. She swore to hunt down anyone whom aligns themselves with the forces of evil.

Wicked Warlock Vilna

Personality: Intelligent, impulsive, adaptive, vindictive, alert, vain, hateful, cynical, and prejudiced.
Alignment: Chaos Evil.
Attributes: Magical, Humanoid, Flying.
Damage Affinity: Magic, Fire, and Death.
Roles: Damage Dealer, Combat Support, Siege.

Warlord Design: Wicked Warlock Vilna is designed as a high damage-enabling warlord. Her Burning Hatred and detest for the world results in severe fire and death damage vulnerability for all non-evil units. This promotes the usage of a majority evil unit-based army; especially utilizing units that can also deal fire and death damage. By tapping into her Wicked Power, Vilna's Blast can deal substantial damage to warlord and elite units. This awesome power can be unleashed at a sacrifice of her own life. Through Soul-Fueled, Vilna can regain any lost strength by manipulating the mana and energy released by the souls of the recently slain. So long as Vilna can surround and sustain herself with Sacrifice and death, she can become an unstoppable force of evil.

Warlord's Salvation:
Vilna, along with Anna'Xandra, Barq, and Baranthus were sent by Irvan Crowmaker to rendezvous with Aelex Zweihander and representatives from Lorenth. Aelex was sent ahead of time to setup and escort the Lorenth representatives to a half-way meeting point between Meaden and Lorenth. This particularly important diplomatic meeting between Lorenth and Meaden was intended by Irvan to gain military aid from Lorenth in order to amass a proper army to defend against Rancorth's anticipated assault on Meaden. When Vilna arrived at the location, only the reanimated bodies of the dead, Aelex included, were to be found.

After a confrontation with a turned-undead Aelex Zweihander, Vilna's hatred overpowers whatever goodness she had left. From Aelex, Vilna learns the full details of her family's past. Vilna blames the current state of the feuding provinces, and the people that perpetuate this fragmented ancient kingdom. Through wrath and vengeance Vilna will once again unify these lands into a singular kingdom, under her direct and dominating control. Vilna departs with Anna'Xandra, and the rest of the group, after Anna'Xandra killed the undead Aelex Zweihander. Vilna now seeks to raise an army of her own, crushing any that refuse to appoint Vilna as their supreme leader.

Fallen Isis, Lich Queen

Home: Lord of Kefier's gateway province of Dirkholm.
Personality: Strategic, patient, enigmatic, sexually dominating and physical, cold-hearted and difficult to expose her emotions, psychopathic.
Bio: Female adult.
Race: Elf.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Attributes: Undead, Humanoid, Large, Flying, Bestial, Mount.
Damage Affinity: Normal, Ice, Death.
Roles: Area Damage, Summoner, Undead Healer.

Warlord Design: Fallen Isis, Lich Queen is the definitive undead supporting warlord. She is the only warlord that is immediately capable of flying, via her undead dragon mount. She excels at mass killing of humanoid units with her Naginata, and widespread Decaying Presence. Because Decaying Presence deals death damage, Isis and her undead units are healed by this effect. Her dragon's Frost Breath is also leveraged to great effect in dealing damage to multiple units. Her wide-spread damage leads to inevitable unit death; enabling her Raise Dead ability to quickly spawn new undead units. As long as non-undead humanoid units continue to die, Isis's army remains both persistent and loyal to her cause. Although Raise Dead is efficient, it still costs half the gold-equivalent resources to successfully deploy. Isis must ensure a stockpile of gold in order to have these resources available to raise and replenish her undead army. Being one of the original four Lunar Huntress sisters, Isis can invoke her celestial power to cause a Solar Eclipse; awarding her a substantial boon of leadership.

Isis's Past:
In ancient times the Goddess of Dreams, foresaw a time where the Nightmare God would shroud the lands of Kefier in eternal night, and claim the night for his own. In response the Dream Goddess sent her herald Sol to warn the Lord of Lorenth, Jelure Savant. In addition, Sol was to gift Jelure with fertilization. However, the corruption of the Nightmare God had already begun to spread, and Jelure's sanity was compromised. Sol, fearing the Nightmare God's embrace would destroy Lorenth, killed Jelure with great swiftness. As Sol's time in the material plane was limited, she had no other choice but to impart the Dream Goddess's gift onto Jelure's attendant, Lunaria CrescentLeaf.

Lunaria, being unable to speak, was known as Jelure's silent attendant. Although Lunaria was able to communicate, she decided to keep her divine conception a secret. Lunaria's disability made any interaction with others limited to small exchanges. To Lunaria's surprise, she gave birth to 4 daughters during an ultra-rare 4-moon lunar eclipse. Understanding her blessing from the Dream Goddess, Lunaria named her 4 daughters after each of the four moons of the Kefier night-sky (Isis, Hecate, Kali, and Diana).

Over the years each of the 4 daughters demonstrated a divine talent in their physical prowess. At the start of their adolescence, the 4 daughters started a warrior clan within Lorenth known as the Lunar Huntresses. As the first Huntresses, they tasked themselves with the duty to protect the world from the Nightmare God's torment. One of the first assaults upon his follower cults, by the huntresses, took place on Dirkholm Island. Together they cleansed any and all congregations involving his followers. These huntresses were responsible for removing all of the Nightmare God's influence from the Old Kefier Kingdom; including saving the Kefier King from an assassination attempt.

With the inner regions of the Kefier Kingdom cleansed from the Nightmare God's eternal night, the 4 Lunar Huntresses of Lorenth traveled to Nighier castle. At Nighier the huntress sisters were celebrated for their heroism and righteousness. Information from the far corners of Kefier indicated that remote cults of the Nightmare God were dispersing in frantic disarray. Messengers from Lorenth requested that the huntress sisters retire to Lorenth where they could instill their knowledge onto future generations. However, the 4 huntress sisters were not completely satisfied with their duty. They each agreed to separate and travel to the far corners of the Kefier region to ensure that the Nightmare God's torment would never return.

It was Isis that ordered the rest of her sisters to split to the far corners of Kefier. Isis was the eldest sister whom represented perfection. She was capable of invoking powerful manifestations of nature and magic. The youngest daughter Diana represented purity and innocence. Huntress Diana was unmatched with the bow and could communicate with the animals. Hecate, second to Isis, always guided her sisters to their next endeavor by reading the celestial sky. Her movements were unhindered by natural law. The third eldest daughter, Kali, was a mystery to others. Only a handful of accounts claimed that Kali excelled under the cover of night, and strikes with the quickness and speed of falling stars.

With Hecate's guidance, Isis was able to split the 4 huntress sisters in a way that maximized their capabilities. Isis ordered Diana to the north where a great project between Lorenth and Forgo was underway. Kali was ordered to the dark forest swamp Witherwood Mire to follow-up on reports of darkly activities. On the surface, Dirkholm Island was a simple outpost for foreign trade. However, regrowing in size was the largest secret regathering of cult followers for the Nightmare God. Isis took it upon herself to travel to the outpost in Dirkholm Island and ensure that the followers of other more virtuous religions were protected while they established their religious infrastructure. Hecate was left to defend the inner Kefier Kingdom from any future resurgences. Hecate's guiding presence could be felt throughout Kefier, and thus she was to keep her position centralized.

The meeting of the 4 Lorenth Lunar Huntress sisters in Nighier is documented as the last time they were together. Just a few years later, any further information about these huntresses could not be found. Since that time, the people of Nighier and Lorenth have celebrated and honored them as heroes. An elite contingent of huntresses was formed in Lorenth, and upheld to this very day, defending against any evil laying claim over the night. Some say that each of the Huntresses, during the new moon by which they were named, leaped so high into the sky that they left Vitoria, landing on their respective moons. Since the Nightmare God's torment is ever eternal, the huntress sisters cast themselves into the sky to watch over all of Vitoria, during the brightest of days, and the deepest of nights.

Rise to Lord:
Isis, under a different guise and moniker of Paloma Hellenistra, assisted the religious pilgrims in establishing a larger and more permanent settlement on Dirkholm island. What was once an small trading output, over the hundreds of years that passed, became one of the major provinces of the Kefier region. During these developing years, Isis was pivotal in ensuring peace and protection for all the various cultures and peoples that migrated to the developing Dirkholm settlement. Rumors spread around that Paloma was indeed Isis, one of the legendary huntress sisters that protected the old king of Kefier. Isis, fearing that her identity would eventually be compromised, and thus impacting her ability to hunt down the remaining followers of the Nightmare God; sought a planned departure from Dirkholm. At this time, Isis was the Lord of the developing settlement. She carefully put together a respected council of Dirkholm representatives, and drafted with them a charter which ensured that Dirkholm would remain a place of acceptance. This charter ensured protecting the rights and freedoms for peoples of all creeds, beliefs, races, cultures, social classes, and birthrights. This historic charter, which still resides within Dirkholm, is known as the Carta De Imponente Calibre.

After the Carta De Imponente Calibre was written and signed by the various representatives of Dirkholm, Isis left the island, heading south to an unknown foreign region. Isis suspected that the source of the Nightmare god's power, and numerous followers, could be traced to this region. Given that she felt confident in her eradication of evil within the Kefier region, and the continued watchful presence of her sisters, Isis ventured forth into these unfamiliar lands that await across the great sea. Isis traveled far, into lands where the sun's presence dominates the ancient sands, and both mana and elves did not exist. The celebrators of evil caught wind of Isis, and within the old and grand desert city Akkadia, they laid their trap. During this great adventure Isis witnessed firsthand both her death, and rebirth into the Lich Queen; evolving Grave Blood into the more potent and magically vile Ethereal Blood.

Isis was tricked into killing an innocent, and was found guilty of murder. As punishment, Isis was beheaded and entombed within the same deep cavernous pit as other punished criminals and sentenced prisoners. It was within this pit that the graveworms got their first taste of elven blood. The natural mana affinity of Isis warped the graveworms. What would typically be a mindless walking cadaver, rose a pale-skinned and empowered elf. Isis was fully sentient, yet she could not control her body, her breath, nor her words. She again existed, but as a passenger to a vehicle that she was no longer in control of. Within her veins pumped the dark and thickly ensickened Ethereal Blood. New graveworms festered, and infiltrated the surrounding bodies of varying stages of decomposition. Isis left her tomb, amassed an army of the dead, and seized control of Akkadia. Having access to her memories, and the knowledge of the mana-rich lands of Kefier, the Lich Queen marched northward.

The harsh and hot desert lands wrecked the non-elven undead bodies, and slowed Isis's progress northward. By overtaking Akkadia, she enslaved its living populace and forced them to march northward. It took quite some time for Isis to make her way back to Dirkholm, which involved conquering and infesting many lands along the way. Isis was careful in her infiltration of Dirkholm, as the closer she got, the stronger the opposition became. A Dirkholm group, known as the Hunters of the Night, slowed Isis's infiltration of the city and the Kefier region. Isis worked with Brad's lord and orchestrated a mass killing of the Mahgoth Elves and the Sharat family, whom lead the Hunters of the Night responsible for ceasing her progress.

With the Sharat family eliminated, Isis targeted her next assault on Lorenth. A deadly plague was unleashed, making its way into the heart of Lorenth. However, Baranthus's actions saved both the land and its people from mass infection. Lorenth, now fully aware of the undead presence harboring within Dirkholm, became a major obstacle that further slowed Isis. Isis knew that an undead army wasn't sufficient enough to combat Lorenth, and the few remaining Hunters of the Night. She worked her way into the Dirkholm nobility, and eventually became the lord of Dirkholm. Through years of research and preparation, Isis wrote a stratagem planning her next assault on Lorenth.

Isis, now in control of Dirkholm, has possession of the Sword of the King. Given her knowledge of the old Kefier Kingdom that once stood, she seeks the royal blood heir to this ancient throne. While seeking out this individual, Isis also prepares for her next full assault on the mana-rich Lorenth. Isis is as mana-hungry as the graveworms within her veins compel her to be.

Farseer Baranthus

Home: The secluded elven province of Lorenth.
Personality: A dreamer, mysterious, emotional, intelligent, naturally sensitive and aware with regards to understanding an individuals personal drive and suffering. Has difficulty making his thoughts and opinions known to others. Seeks deeper meaning and understanding of things, even if no deeper meaning exists.
Bio: Male adult.
Race: Antarr.
Alignment: Chaos.
Attributes: Large, Armored, Plant.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Acid.
Roles: Disruptor, Unit Support, Terrain Manipulation.

Warlord Design: Farseer Baranthus is designed as the only plant, as well as large, non-humanoid warlord. Like with the Lich Queen or Relm, he is designed to work exceptionally well with a certain "tribe" of units; in particular, plant units. By leveraging his Imminent Glimpse ability, Baranthus can foresee the incoming future and adapt his tactics and strategy. He also gains a substantial boon of leadership, by exposing himself in this way. This leadership can be leveraged quickly via Bend Fate and Wild Growth abilities. Using his great power of foresight, Bend Fate will cause a major disruption of an opponent's plans by having a potentially key unit act out of their normally expected initiative order. Meanwhile, the forests that are generated through Wild Growth can provide both Baranthus and his ally units with the much needed defensive bonuses, and the plant unit's specific healing bonus from this terrain. By reshaping the terrain and taking advantage of his foresight abilities, Baranthus is a truly unpredictable influencer of this great war. Opponents would do well to bring fire rather than swords, arrows, and magics when combating Baranthus and his army.

Baranthus's Past:
The elves of Lorenth, historically, never had good relations with the Mahgoth elves of Witherwood Mire. Elves, being a long-lived race, typically keep to themselves rather than getting involved with non-elven societies. However, elves will always keep relations open with the more "civil" societies, especially to avoid conflicts of war. Mahgoth elves are an especially rare bloodline of elves that was created tens of thousands of years ago by an evil god's tampering. The Mahgoth elves settled in the swampy forest of Witherwood Mire, and kept an even more secretive life. However, around 35 years ago the secretive Mahgoth were reported infiltrating and assassinating various high-ranking members of Brad's nobility. Brad at the time held good trade relations with Lorenth. In a discussion with Lorenth's lords, Yarden Llangernyw and his younger brother Baranthus Llangernyw, Brad stated that the witches of Witherwood Mire were disrupting their trade routes, and are transforming the nearby creatures into dark and twisted abominations. Lorenth agreed to send Baranthus, and some huntresses, as an envoy to these Witherwood Mire witches with the hopes of ending the conflict peacefully.

In actuality, the lord of Brad, Lyven Korkrel, staged this ordeal in order to gain Lorenth's assistance with tracking and eradicating the remaining members of the Sharat family; the last of the Mahgoth Elves. Long ago, a powerful elf woman by the name of Ni'Lonne, contacted the Mahgoth elves and trained them to resist the dark urges of the various evil gods. Since the Mahgoth elves were ancient creations of the evil gods, Ni'Lonne identified their natural ability to mask, infiltrate, and dominate the creatures of evil. In addition, a select bloodline of Mahgoth elves, the Sharat family, were capable of tapping into immense magical power contained within a creature's soul. Through many years of training with Ni'Lonne, the Mahgoth elves specialized in secretly hunting down those whom wish to embrace the dark. Ni'Lonne's teachings failed to reach the hearts of many Mahgoth, which eventually led to a civil war of constant in-fighting. The hundreds of years of fighting with themselves, and with the evils that they have sworn to oppose, left the Mahgoth elves with a small population size. Eventually, the Sharat family was left with no other choice but to end the feud by banishing Ni'Lonne from their near-extinct society.

With the assistance of Brad's lord Lyven Korkrel, the undead elites that control Dirkholm were able to assassinate the majority of the Mahgoth Hunters of the Night that lurked outside of Witherwood Mire. All that remained were those within Witherwood Mire, which included the Sharat family. Few know of the connection between Dirkholm and Brad's lord. Even fewer know of Dirkholm's desire to eradicate the Mahgoth Hunters of the Night. This leads to an incomplete explanation for Brad's request of Lorenth's assistance to reveal and expose the remainder of the Mahgoth elves.

Although Brad's militia members were allowed to travel with Baranthus, they were not allowed to enter Witherwood Mire during the negotiations. Baranthus aimed to avoid confrontation with both the witches and the Mahgoth elves; requesting to enter Witherwood Mire alone. While Baranthus was searching for the witches, along with any signs of their evil corruption, Brad's militia discreetly slaughtered Baranthus's entourage of Lorenth huntresses. A small unit of skilled rangers from Brad kept a undetected watchful distance with Baranthus, as he trekked through the marshes. When Baranthus came into Mahgoth elf territory, he was confronted and warned to turn away. The Mahgoth informed Baranthus that there are no witches to be found within Witherwood Mire, nor is there evidence of corruption. Baranthus never encountered the Mahgoth before, and found many elements of their demeanor odd. Baranthus, puzzled by this information, proceeded to return back to the encampment where he left Brad's militia and the Lorenth huntresses.

By the time Baranthus returned to the encampment, Brad's militia had staged a horrific scene of dead militia and huntresses. The rangers that followed Baranthus, prior to his return to the encampment, triggered a trap which exposed Baranthus to a potent hallucinogenic toxin. It didn't take much effort, by the few remaining militia, to convince Baranthus that the group was ambushed by the witches; described in details matching that of the Mahgoth elves. Furious with the loss of his entourage, and for being mislead by the "witches", Baranthus was convinced to lead the remaining militia to hunt down these "witches". Baranthus, intoxicated with hatred and disillusion, slaughtered the Mahgoth elves, including the Sharat family. During this assault, the desperate Mahgoth invoked a dark and powerful curse upon Baranthus.

After the genocide of the Mahgoth elves, Baranthus returned to Lorenth alone, and under great physical and mental duress. In Lorenth Baranthus was met by his brother and Ni'Lonne. Ni'Lonne informed Yarden of Baranthus's unprovoked attack and killing of the Mahgoth people. Ni'Lonne requested punishment of Baranthus, and warned that with the Sharat family gone, the region would succumb to evil's demise. Yarden, aware of Baranthus's failing health, refused to punish Baranthus. He instead requested that Ni'Lonne leave Lorenth, insisting that the people of Lorenth would deal with its own matters.

In the months after these events, a deadly disease plague took hold over the southern towns and villages of the Lorenth region. Much of the blame was directed towards Baranthus's actons for bringing on this relentless disease. In desperation, Baranthus broke a sacred elven law, and hunted the guardian unicorn of Nevernight forest. Using its horn, Baranthus entwined its magic into the sap of the Sleeping Father. This ritual augmented the fruits of the Sleeping Father to be capable of curing the effects of the plague. Although Baranthus was able to save the people of Lorenth from the plague, he was unable to cure his own cursed affliction. With the guardian unicorn of Nevernight forest slain by Baranthus's action, Yarden forever banished Baranthus from returning to Lorenth.

Knowing of Lorenth's history within the Forgo region, Baranthus traveled north towards the Living Forge, to live the remainder of his shortened life. The killing of the unicorn, along with the ritual he performed with the Sleeping Father, has caused Baranthus's affliction to become warped and expedited. Baranthus was elf no longer. The dark magics of the curse, the slaughtering of the innocent unicorn, and the binding ritual with the giant sycomore Sleeping Father has enlarged and warped him. In place of skin is bark. Where he once had hair is now leaf. Baranthus has become an Antarr; violently transforming into a tree. Upon reaching the barren lands and brown mountains of Forgo, Baranthus's malady had fully taken root, and Baranthus decided that it was here that he should take root, and enter a final long and deep sleep.

Rise to Lord:
More than thirty years have passed, leaving Baranthus in a seemingly endless dreaming state. The initial dreams were pleasant memories of his past. However, they eventually turned into horrid nightmares. These disturbing nightmares coincided with the recent excursions into the Lost Living Forge of Forgo. An unsettling madness has been awakened within the forge, and it now grows its perturbing presence to the lands around it. When these dreadful visions became far to real and vivid, Baranthus awoke. Solemnly, on top of the once brown and barren mountain top, now vividly lush and green with vegetation, Baranthus surveys his surroundings. Certain that years have passed, yet uncertain on how many, curiosity pulled Baranthus, as Baranthus pulled at his now trunk-like legs; uprooting.

Baranthus proceeded to investigate the Living Forge of Forgo, which disturbed his slumber. There he ran into an able group of travelers (Anna'Xandra, Barq, Golyar, and Vilna) who were also quested with investigating the disturbances originating from the Lost Living Forge of Forgo. Indeed the foretold horrors were quite vivid, real, and powerful. Baranthus and the group were able to quell the dark cultists that lurked within the forge. Although the evils within the forge were vanquished, certain members of the group were left afflicted. One such member, Vilna, temporarily succumbed to the darkness and left Baranthus astray from the rest of the group, and with a seemingly fatal wound. As the thick sap-like fluid bleeds out from Baranthus's wound, a rare and remarkable flying lyris flower lands on him. The once mortal wound healed into a gnarled surface scar. Baranthus found himself surrounded by the local creatures of the mountain forest. Realizing that he has been given a second chance, he closed his eyes and awaited another vision.

Baranthus understands that he has been chosen by Vitoria to prevent the coming great war. By rooting and connecting himself with Vitoria, Baranthus can foresee the many possible futures that can potentially affect both himself, Vitoria, or those whom closely ally themselves with him. With each deep contemplation, Baranthus learns of the return of the great world dragon, Dahmn the Infernal. In Baranthus's visions, Dahmn will bring with him a great calamity that'll engulf the region in ever-burning flame. Baranthus understands that time is of the essence, and that he must take stride to warn the world of Dahmn's return.

Maestro Serra Carthage

Home: Lord of the celebratory province of Nighier.
Personality: Diplomatic, graceful, hospitable, peaceful, creative, artistic, seeks harmony with herself and those around her, captivating charm, expects to be adored, loves living a luxurious lifestyle, a gambler and spender.
Bio: Female adult.
Race: Dev Kavi.
Alignment: Chaos Good.
Attributes: Humanoid, Bestial, Mount.
Damage Affinity: Thunder and Fire.
Roles: Loyalty Manipulation, Combat Support, Anti-Armored.

Warlord Design: Maestro Serra Carthage is designed as the definitive loyalty manipulation unit in the game. Being a bard she can deliver a powerful and mesmerizing Aria that'll cause enemy units to second-guess where their allegiances lie. Her beautiful and captivating performances had garnered her an elevated status of fame. Because of this, Serra can earn more Leadership by leveraging the loyalty of her allies. Although she may not be the best offensive warlord on her own; when singing a Warsong she can inspire and enhance the combat effectiveness of her allies. Opponents should plan well when engaging Serra, especially when she travels with a well-armed entourage.

Serra's Past:
Serra Carthage is the only daughter of Nighier's prior Lord Janicee Carthage. Janicee was always unhealthy, due to her ties to the ancestral Kefier royal family blood-line. Like the AEther royal family of Maivien, the Carthage family practiced incest for many years, as if in compitition with Maivien, for whichever family had closer ties to the ancient royal Kefier bloodline. Janicee purposely refused to have her daughter, Serra, continue this forsakened practice. Janicee discretely dispatched of all of her family members. Cousins, nieces, uncles, and the like were all forced to be married off to the far stretches of Vitoria. The only Carthage family member to remain within Nighier, was Serra herself.

Janicee informed Serra that she could become the Lord of Nighier, if she were to marry an Elven suitor from Lorenth. This would ensure that Serra avoided, even the smallest chances of sharing ancestrial blood. Serra agreed to her mother's wishes, and married Gwern Fernheart. Gwern, forced by Lorenth's Lord, agreed to this marriage, but could never leave Lorenth. Gwern is one of the secret protectors of Lorenth's Lord. This servitude to the Lord of Lorenth didn't discourage Serra, and because of Gwern's servitude, Serra Carthage kept her name.

Rise to Lord:
Beyond Serra's attraction to Gwern was the appealing prospect of getting Lorenth's favor. With their marriage, Nighier and Lorenth became allies by family ties. The Lord of Lorenth approved of the marriage, so long as Serra Carthage would see to the establishment of Lorenth's religion as an emissary within Nighier. Serra also fancied Gwern's aptitude for divine magic. Shortly after their marriage, Janicee proclaimed Serra as the new Lord of Nighier. One year later, Janicee died on the night that Serra and Gwern's daughter, Athena Carthage, was born. To this very day, Serra and Gwern's marriage is a well-kept secret. This secret is upheld by hiding Athena's half-elv features, and being disguised as human. This secrecy was done to prevent the public at large from learning of Athena's lack of a bloodline connection to the old Kefier family.

Serra is fiscally irresponsible. The little funds that she earns as Nighier's Lord is usually spent. Serra noticed that fewer western travelers have made their way to Nighier, and Serra visits Juncture to get a better understanding of why this is. At Juncture she was subjected to the darker temptations of gambling; beyond what she normally would. Serra spends more than she can afford. When Serra realized what she had done, it was already to late, her daughter was being held captive as collateral until Serra paid her dept. Serra, recalling a means of discretely amassing funds to pay off her debt, remembered the numerous collectors that wished to purchase the rare documents and artifacts found within Nighier's Vault. Serra viewed this as a means of paying off her debts. In particular, Serra remembered a strange older lady, Verra Kerra, as one of the first interested collectors that wished to purchase these old scroll documents. Serra hired the capable individuals Anna'Xandra, Vilna, Golyar, and Barq to secretly collect any valuable treasures within the Vault along with the aforementioned documents, in order to acquire the funds to get her daughter back. Serra is still uncertain as to why she was unable to adequately assess the risk, and was compelled to gamble so much away.

Serra's Lordly duties requires that she focus on establishing a good relationship with Maivien. Serra needs to have the great Hope of Vitoria bridge opened again in order to gain additional tourism from the eastern provinces. Serra has agreed to assist with the Maivien festival, by providing both the entertainers from Nighier, as well as magically adept mages to assist with security. Serra also wants to assist Maivien on learning the cause for the first and second assaults, and whom is responsible; striking Nighier's name clean from blame. However, due to the poor relationship between Nighier and Maivien, she must actively encourage good relations with Maivien. While this is going on, her people must remain unaware that Serra has gambled away much of Nighier's funds. Through her magical aptitude, Serra uses a mirror imaging spell to convince all people that her daughter Athena is safe. Time is running short, and Serra desperately seeks an opportunity to gain her daughter back.

Relm Arrowthorn Child Genius

Home: Cradle of Vitoria forest and the province of Dirkholm.
Personality: Intelligent, egalitarian, visionary, free-spirited, progressive, natural problem solver, high energy, shy and quiet, prefers privacy especially regarding her thoughts and feelings, insensitive and lacks empathy, prone to loneliness.
Bio: Female child.
Race: Sylph.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Attributes: Small, Elemental, Humanoid, Wild.
Damage Affinity: Thunder and Ice.
Roles: Supply Manipulation, Unit Support, Gold Manipulation.

Warlord Design: Relm Arrowthorn Child Genius specializes in the utilization and combating of construct units. Relm is also a versatile supply-based unit supporter. By leveraging the smaller portable variant of the Enigma Machine, Relm can Fabricate various items and weaponry that her ally units are expending on the battlefield. This allows Relm to keep her front-line units fully supplied, and maintain their offensive assault without the need to resupply at a settlement or war camp. Relm is also able to Recycle the materials expended by supply-using units, and gain a small refund of gold. By utilizing Recycle Relm can become very efficient with her war fund, so long as her allies expend their supply-based abilities within her presence. Relm's Engineer expertise gives her an edge when deploying construct units, as well as, dissuading opponents from using construct units. Construct units cannot heal from life damage; instead they require provisioning from war camps or settlements. However, Tinker uniquely allows Relm to keep her ally construct units well stocked and repaired as they take damage. Relm's abilities have a reliance on her allies. Without a proper assortment of complimentary units, players may find Relm underwhelming. Relm is the only small warlord, which grants her some added mobility on the battlefield. Because of her small size, Relm's movement on the battlefield is difficult to impair. Relm's Rod of Storms isn't ideal for assaulting squad units, war camps, or settlements. Rod of Storms can be very effective when targeting armored and/or magical elite or warlord units. This grants Relm both one of the highest and lowest damage-dealing attacks in the game.

Relm's Past:
Relm Arrowthorn was born from a thunderstorm, like with most Sylph, striking within the Cradle of Vitoria forest. Cradle of Vitoria is a large, mostly forested region just south east across the Karpathia Sea from Dirkholm. Unlike with other Sylph kin, Relm was a rather curious intellectual that believed members of the various fairy cultures within the forest, especially the Sylph, were partial to immaturity. Relm quickly grew bored with her peers, and frequently ventured outside of the forest's confines. She befriended a human child Arman Papazian. It was through this relationship with Arman that Relm gained a love and fascination for crafting, engineering, and baking of sweets and pastries. Relm's friendship with Arman impacted her social standing with the other forest Sylph. In particular, whenever Relm wasn't with Arman, she would boast about his human cultures and teachings; which was a difficult concept for the other Sylph to understand and relate to. In addition, whenever Relm visited Arman she would participate in his cooking and feeding activities. Relm frequently consumed baked goods with Armen, at a rate far greater than typical Sylph consumption. As a result, Relm became overweight, and lost the ability to support herself through flight.

Being grounded from joining in the flights and festivities of the other Sylph, Relm became an outcast within her society. The other fairy creatures of the forest bullied and teased Relm because of her overweight issues, and inability to fly. Relm became self-conscious and embarrassed of her body. Being familiar and comfortable with human culture, Relm opted to be fully clothed rather than naked like most other Sylph. Arman and Relm remained close friends, as Arman reached an elderly age. In addition to gifting Relm baked treats, Arman also shared various books with Relm; many of which originated from the Kefier region. It was through these books that Relm's understanding of the known sciences began.

On one impactful day, while exploring the western borders of the forest, Relm came across Isis. Isis's elven looks and Akkadian clothing fascinated Relm. Through numerous discussions, Relm shared with Isis details of her life, and the various secrets dwelling within the Cradle of Vitoria forest. Whenever Relm questioned the decaying look of Isis's undead allies, Isis would respond that her people are sick, and seek the advanced technological help of those living in Dirkholm. Isis leveraged Relm's knowledge of naval engineering, and allowed Relm to participate in the construction of a fleet of ships to cross the Karpathian Sea. In exchange, Relm agreed to share the location of the forest's guardian; a dragon that later became Isis's undead mount.

Relm's intentions to assist Isis were driven by the opportunity to save a sick populace of people. Relm was unaware that she was being taken advantage of by Isis. When Relm's services were no longer needed, Isis invaded and slaughtered the many peoples and creatures of the forest and its surrounding areas. Isis gained control of the forest's dragon, as well as a surplus of human bodies to be impregnated with Grave Worms. Relm witnessed the downfall of her people, the slaughtering of Arman's village, and the depth of the undead's evil nature. In the chaos of the assault Relm escaped via boat, and sailed northward towards Dirkholm.

When Relm arrived in Dirkholm, she was astonished by its size and mechanical wonders. Relm initially sought out to warn the people of Dirkholm of the undead that plan to invade Dirkholm. However, given the Kefier region's unfamiliarity with undead and Sylph, Relm's warnings were discarded as nightmarish ramblings of a perturbed child. Being a refugee, Relm had to focus on her survival within Dirkholm. Relm worked a number of small jobs throughout Dirkholm, learning as much as she could from each trade. Relm's aptitude impressed her many bosses; each advocating for her enrollment into the University of Dirkholm. The number of jobs that Relm took on kept her so busy that she became distracted from the horrific thoughts of what occurred across the sea within the Cradle of Vitoria.

Rise to Lord:
Years passed, and Relm became a prestigious instructor at the University of Dirkholm. Much of her research was focused on enhancing the humanoid body through mechanical engineering. Relm yearned to mechanically enhance her wings, and be able to fly once again. Other aspects of Relm's research involved creation of wondrous items capable of channeling mana to produce various magical effects. Relm's reputation and engineering expertise garnered her many customers. One particular customer Tanis Uhsok, an affiliate of the Hunters of the Night, shared with Relm their knowledge of this new undead evil. To Relm's dismay, she learned that the Hunters of the Night were all but defeated, and that the undead have already infiltrated and controlled the major houses and nobility of Dirkholm.

Relm, realizing that there is no escaping this undead enemy, agreed to join and assist the Hunters of the Night. Through the Hunters of the Night, Relm learned a great deal of information on how to best combat the undead. Relm, Uhsok, and the remaining Hunters of the Night, called themselves the Holy Resistance Warriors. However, Relm's time within the Holy Resistance Warriors was cut short. Isis revealed herself as the new Lord of Dirkholm after the Holy Resistance Warriors sabotaged Isis's acquisition of the then enslaved Vilna, from Brad. Isis, furious from losing Vilna, unleashed a deadly plague across the Dirkholm population. The Holy Resistance Warriors attempted to evacuate as many unafflicted people as they could. At the same time, most of them agreed to remain within Dirkholm; sabotaging whatever plans Isis has towards invading the Kefier region's mainland. Relm, not being battle experienced, was tasked with delivering an important message to Edwin Lockheart of the Crossroads. Not knowing the significance of this information, Relm was informed that Edwin was a Soul Judiciary; capable of defeating this unholy enemy.

Relm, along with Vilna, escaped from Dirkholm on separately departed boats. It took some time, but Relm was able to meetup with Anna'Xandra's group, just after the assault and destruction of the Crossroads. Anna'Xandra's group rescued Relm from a group of Rancorth goblin bandits on her way to the Crossroads. Relm learned of Edwin's death, and failure to warn the Soul Judiciary. Relm passed the message along to Anna'Xandra, much to Anna'Xandra's confusion and misunderstanding. Relm, with nowhere else to go, joined with Anna'Xandra's group as they headed into Meaden.

While figuring out what to do next, Relm adventured alongside Anna'Xandra and others for various mercenary tasks. One particular task took Relm into the Eastern Woods of Meaden. There, Relm stumbled upon a well manufactured shack complete with a functioning elevator, in the middle of the forest. Relm explored this shack and learned that it belonged to a hermit named Elric Schneider. Elric's unnaturally desiccated corpse was also present within the shack. Relm discovered numerous engineering devices which included the Enigma Machine, as well as Elric's journal. Elric's journal was rather cryptic; and some parts were impossible for Relm to decipher. Some entries within the journal provided schematics for the construction of golem, details regarding Vistil's construction of golem through Morticia, and the implications for using the Enigma Machine. Relm identified the potential of golem automations for use against the undead, and decided to part ways with the group. Relm took Elric's journal and various schematics, and headed north to Vistil.

Relm reached Vistil and wasted no time in learning how to build and construct golem. Relm's actions garnered the attention of Vistil's lord Morticia Aversa. With Morticia's assistance, Relm was able to decipher the remainder of Elric's journal. One particularly important entry within the journal detailed the construction of a teleportation device via the Enigma Machine; which Morticia desired for the sake of Vistil and her personal goals. When Relm refused to disclose details regarding the whereabouts of the Enigma Machine, Morticia stole the journal from Relm, and banished Relm from Vistil. Disappointed with her loss of the journal, Relm traveled back to Meaden. There, she discretely moved the contents of Elric's shack to a new location and started building a new journal of notes, based upon her memorization of Elric's.

Relm knows how to operate the Enigma Machine, and how to construct various items, machinery, gear, and golem to support an army capable of defeating the undead. The Enigma Machine allows for the fabrication and infusion of mana into various items. In fact, Relm was even able to construct a smaller portable variant of the Enigma Machine, which she can carry onto the battlefield. Through her automations, engineering capabilities, and wondrous mana channeling weaponry, Relm ensures that her allies are more than capable of leading a successful war campaign. Relm hopes that once the war is over, she can return to Dirkholm, and strive towards rebuilding a city which honors cultural freedoms and equality across peoples of all varying races, genders, and beliefs.

Scarred Ruffus the Red

Home: Rancorth.
Personality: Pompous & Arrogant, Calculating, Callous, Passionate, Dogmatic, Loyal, and Fearless to act first when faced with the unknown.
Bio: Male young adult.
Race: Dravidian.
Alignment: Law Evil.
Attributes: Wild, Elemental, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Death.
Roles: Damage Dealer, Loyalty Manipulation, Area Damage.

Warlord Design: Scarred Ruffus the Red is designed as a high-risk high-damage dealing warlord. Given that he is vulnerable to death damage, while also being resistant to life damage; Ruffus's combat survivability becomes his greatest drawback. This drawback makes him quite enticing for other players to go after and get the potentially easy kill. However, if well handled, Ruffus will be the one to kill the opponent via his Full Dark damaging ability. Ruffus is capable of generating the fastest Leadership of all other warlords, but not without taking notable damage through his Tattoo Ritual. With each Leadership gained, Ruffus's Scars ability can significantly improve his combat survivability; awarding a larger maximum HP to buffer damage. Being a bastard born of Rancorth nobility, Ruffus is particularly effective in his use of Slander to get a political upper-hand. His convincing lies lead enemies and allies alike to question their own Loyalty, and allegiances.

Ruffus's Past:
Scarred Ruffus the Red is the first born, and bastard, son of Urill Kiver. Urill Kiver married Ronill Orro, daughter of the then Lord of Rancorth Leed Orro, and became the new Lord of Rancorth in the process. The first four children birthed by Ronill were all girls. With each new daughter, Urill became increasingly more eager and disappointed to learn that he was without a son. Desperation guided Urill as he made a pact with a Succubus devil from the evil relm, whom promised Urill a first-born son. Shortly thereafter this devil succubus, known as Mother, gave birth to Ruffus. Although, information about Ruffus's birth and upbringing wasn't made known to Urill. Mother birthed and raised Ruffus in the evil relm; teaching the naive child insidious and twisted things.

Growing up in the evil relm, the closest legitimate name that Ruffus had was "Filthy Goat"; euphemism used by the evil relm beings when calling him. Unfamiliar with the humanoid common language, he believed this name to have some degree of unknown significance in the native tongue of the evil relm. As a child Ruffus would question Mother on the whereabouts of his father. Mother informed Ruffus of his father, and where in the material relm he resided. Mother consistently reminded Ruffus that he is to be the Lord of Rancorth, after his father. She reminded Ruffus about this so often that he believed that he was entitled to it.

When Ruffus was old enough, Mother gifted Ruffus a special runestone that allowed traveling to the material relm, where his father Urill resides. The first visit was guided by Mother, as she kept Ruffus well-concealed; insisting that Ruffus's identity remain secret. Ruffus made frequent visits to the material relm, spying on his father, especially when he engaged in combat or training. Eventually Ruffus was caught by Urill's guards. At this moment Ruffus, who was still a young but sharp-witted child, informed both the guards and Urill that Ruffus was his son. Indeed, the resemblance to Urill was quite striking; especially given that Ruffus's maternal traits did not yet start to develop. Ruffus was held captive until his mother came to reclaim him, confirming to Urill that Ruffus was his child. Urill, still without a first-born son, refused to allow Mother take him. Mother coldly agreed, without hesitation, to leave Ruffus (seemingly forever) with Urill. Mother confiscated Ruffus's traveling runestone, and returned back to the evil relm without saying goodbye.

At this time Ronill was pregnant with Urill's second son, but Urill was expecting yet another daughter. In these few months Urill enthusiastically gave Ruffus his name, along with special attention and treatment. Urill's daughters, Ruffus's older sisters, quickly became jealous and hostile towards Ruffus. However, Urill ensured that their hostilities were well punished, whenever Ruffus complained. Ronill, furious with the situation, lashed out much of her anger and resentment at Ruffus. Being the daughter of the last Lord of Rancorth, her lineage allowed her to prevent any attempts to legitimize Ruffus as the next in line for Lordship. This was made all but certain when Ronill birthed her first son, and Urill's second and legitimate son of Rancorth's lord.

After the birth of Orei Kiver, Ruffus's new little brother, Urill spent less time and attention on Ruffus. Ruffus continued to be bullied and ridiculed by his sisters, while Urill became temperamental whenever Ruffus asked for Urill's attention. Ruffus spent much of his pre-teen years enrolled in the Rancorth military academy, away from his negligent family. Orei was the only family member that Ruffus enjoyed being around. Ruffus could tell that his little brother looked up to him. Ruffus shared much of his physically transformative Dravidian secrets with Orei. When Ruffus sprouted wings, he would secretly take Orei to watch him practice flying. However, in a moment of overconfidence by Ruffus, and a desire to be like his older brother, Orei joined Ruffus in a tragic flight that led to Orei's accidental death. Enraged with grief and disgust with Ruffus's changed physical form, Urill Kiver punished Ruffus by forcibly removing his wings; leaving large patches of scarred tissue where Ruffus once bore wings. On that day, fighting through excruciating physical and mental pain, Ruffus swore that he would kill his father and become the next Lord of Rancorth.

Rise to Power:
When Tangus the Unchained launched his 24-hour cue against Urill, Ronill and Ruffus's sisters were spared by Tangus. Amidst the chaos of the event, Ruffus sought, and was denied refuge with his remaining family members. Instead, his sisters convinced Ruffus that Tangus was looking to kill the last surviving son of Urill. In a panic, Ruffus took on a bodyguard job to assist a slave-trade merchant with fleeing Rancorth. Among the slave cargo was Vilna, and Ilona the Blind. This job took Ruffus to the Crossroads where the slaves were to be sold. Shortly after arriving at the Crossroads, a surprise Rancorth assault led by Tangus resulted in the devastation of the Crossroads. Ruffus, believing that Tangus is after him, killed the slave trader. During the assault, Ruffus was also encountered Anna'Xandra and Tiera. Through Anna'Xandra's father Edwin, they were able to hide themselves from the onslaught. This marks the start of Anna'Xandra, Vilna, Tiera, and Ruffus's journey together; until they agreed to separate in Maivien.

After the assassination attempt in Maivien, Ruffus learned of an opposition force being secretly gathered in Rancorth to overthrow Tangus. Seeing an opportunity, Ruffus separated from Anna'Xandra and Vilna, and taking Tiera partway along with him. When Ruffus arrived at Rancorth, he quietly connected with the various underground usurper groups. These groups were being funded by the once wealthy slave-owning Rancorth nobility. Ruffus learned of their plan to usurp Tangus, and establish the eldest grandson of Urill as the next Lord. This plan was the result of a deal worked between Ronill and Ruffus's sisters; each having multiple children. Before Ruffus announced his claim as Lord, he spent several weeks assassinating each of his nephews. Left with no other option, the old Rancorth nobility sided their allegiance with Ruffus. As part of this new deal, Ruffus would assassinate Tangus, become the next Lord of Rancorth, and reestablish the usage and trading of slaves.

Ruffus wants nothing more than to become the next Lord of Rancorth. He has established numerous connections and deals that has provided him with the best opportunity to achieve this goal. At the same time, Ruffus seeks to keep his sisters in a state of misery and control, as a means of payback and vengeance for his own miserable upbringing by their hands. During Ruffus's travels he secretly fell in love with Vilna, but could not communicate his feelings before they parted ways. If Ruffus were to ever claim Lordship of Rancorth, surely his next goal will be making Vilna his wife.

Slum-Born Morticia Aversa

Home: Born and raised in the slums of the province of Brad. Now resides as lord of the cabalistic province of Vistil.
Personality: Clever, Energetic, Imaginative, Impulsive, Restless, Indecisive, Devious, Adaptable. Does not want to be relied on for an extended period of time.
Bio: Female adult.
Race: Renasidian.
Alignment: Neutral.
Attributes: Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Magic and Ice.
Roles: Gold Manipulation, Attrition, Artillery.

Warlord Design: Morticia is the most versatile warlord in the game. Morticia has a natural advantage with gold manipulation due to her Ruttus surrogate parent upbringing in the slums of Brad. In her formative years she has learned how to steal without getting caught. Being a Mage Thief, Morticia can both gain gold and cause a loss of gold in those she targets with her attacks. Gold is used either directly or indirectly for all other aspects of resource generation and upkeep within the game. Not only can Morticia easily gain gold, she can also be very efficient with her army's upkeep. Through Conjure Food, Morticia is able to quickly gain the loyalty of her allies while also keeping their overall expenses down. Due to her true Neutral alignment Morticia is the only warlord that has the capability of exercising any and all possible decisions and unit deployment, and communing with the dragon. Morticia's Silver Tongue makes her attempts to persuade enemy units to join her army super effective. The only drawback to Morticia's versatility is her less than ideal close-combat capabilities.

Morticia's Past:
Morticia is the latest physical incarnation of her spiritual being. Morticia was born in Brad without any parents or relatives. Morticia's caremother Tassil, and carefather Rassen kept Morticia's upbringing within the corrupted province of Brad a secret due to her abnormal physiology. Tassil and Rassen raised Morticia by thieving for food and various books to which Morticia quickly developed a knack for.

When Morticia was old enough, Tassil and Rassen explained to her that they already knew Morticia from her previous life. They explained that Morticia was previously a man named Phenon Yanversa. Phenon saved the lives of Tassil and Rassen by freeing them from the town's guard after they were caught stealing food. Phenon fought with the guards, but was left with a fatal wound in the exchange. Tassil, Rassen, and Phenon were able to escape the scene and find a safe hideaway. Phenon, aware of his fatal condition, informed Tassil and Rassen of his eventual rebirth into the world. Phenon requested that Tassil and Rassen take care of his next incarnation in exchange for their saved lives. Phenon also explained that his next form should acquire his journal, and knowledge of the Yanversa name. When Tassil and Rassen returned to their hideaway, after selling some of Phenon's belongings for food, they discovered that his corpse was gone, and that baby Morticia was left in his place.

Afterwards, Morticia was presented with Phenon's journal which detailed his discovery of the ancestral immortality of a Renasidian. In the journal, Phenon explained that past incarnations were powerful masters of arcane and divine magics. Each of the past incarnations kept their own personal journal. Phenon learned of one such journal belonging to a previous incarnation, Rivel Uversa. Phenon's last entries detailed his travels to Brad for the purpose of acquiring Rivel's journal from Brad's Lord Lyven Korkrel. Rivel served as Lyven's second hand and personal consultant. The final note within Phenon's journal informs that each incarnation incorporated "Versa" into their family name.

Once Morticia acquired Phenom's journal, she also started one of her own. In addition, Morticia studied the few spells that were contained within Phenom's pages. Very quickly, Morticia convinced her caretakers that she was able to defend herself within Brad. Morticia traveled the streets of Brad, learning all that she could about Lyven. She also gained access to a small collection of spellbooks from various traveling mages, either through thievery or persuasion. For such a young girl in rags, no one suspected Morticia of being so clever and devious. Those who held close ties to Lyven were quick to drop their guard with what they discussed around Morticia.

Eventually, word of a strange blue-skinned young girl, adept in the magics, reached Lord Lyven. Lyven, whom hasn't made a public appearance in some time, extended an invitation for Morticia to visit and dine with him. While visiting, Morticia met with Lyven, who looked significantly aged since his last public appearance a year ago. Lyven informed Morticia of his previous second-hand, Rivel Uversa. Lyven knew that Morticia's interest in Lyven was only to gain more information relating to Rivel and his journal. Lyven then presented Morticia with Rivel's journal, and further details on Rivel's research. Lyven informed that Rivel was hired by Lyven to find a cure to aging. Rivel, who was a renowned wizard, was able to greatly slow Lyven's aging process, but never perfected this magic. Rivel eventually died of aging himself, leaving behind his journal.

Since Rivel's passing, Lyven has hired many talented mages to continue from where Rivel left off. However, none were able to decipher the writings left behind from Rivel. Lyven then presented Morticia with an offer. Lyven would allow Morticia access to all of Rivel's documents, including a proper upbringing within the lord's estate, as long as Morticia agreed to continue in Rivel's research. Morticia agreed to Lyven's offer after adding to it, a moderate and immediate exchange of gold. Morticia informed her caretakers of her acceptance of the lord's offer, and handed them the collection of gold. Morticia then joined Lyven, beginning her rapid development of the arcane arts, and deciphering of Rivel's journal.

Despite Morticia's quick deciphering of Rivel's documents, she substantially delayed all progress reports to Lyven. Within these documents, Morticia learned that Rivel was unable to produce a magic capable of hindering age. Instead, Rivel learned of an individual in Dirkholm, whose very blood could stop the progression of aging. Rivel, working with one of the servants of this individual, requested a sample of their blood. In exchange for the blood, Rivel was to acquire and provide the location of the Sharat family. After learning of the Sharat family name and reputation, Rivel instead provided the servant with false information, and received a sample of the blood. This blood was later understood to be the Grave Blood of the undead infestation within Dirkholm.

Rivel worked quickly to study and experiment with the blood. Rivel quickly assessed the blood's disease-like properties, along-side it's anti-decomposing characteristics. Rivel fused the blood with his arcane abilities and was able to provide an inhibitor to the disease-like portion of the blood while preserving its anti-aging capabilities. Rivel administered the concoction onto Lord Lyven with great success. Rivel then disclosed to Lyven that he must leave Brad, to the home of his uncle Pejuran. Lyven agreed to fund Rivel's departure under the terms that he should return if the effects of aging continues.

Soon after Rivel's departure from Brad, his caravan was raided under the cover of night, and Rivel was killed. The documents and journal end just after Rivel notes his departure from Brad. Morticia searched for further information regarding Rivel's fate, or of this uncle Pejuran. She was able to decipher that Pejuran was another incarnation named Pejuran Oversa, but she could not find any further information. Morticia had to seek further information from Lyven himself.

At this point, Lyven was very weak due to his accelerating age. Morticia informed that she was finally able to decipher Rivel's work, but requested that she learn of what happened to Rivel after he left Brad. In addition, she requested any further information about Rivel's Uncle, Pejuran. Lyven first demanded that Morticia perform Rivel's anti-aging spell, before he reveal anything further. Morticia informed Lyven that Rivel was never able to discover an anti-aging spell, and instead infused his magic with the blood of an unknown immortal. Morticia insisted that the immortal's blood is needed to recreate the spell. Rivel failed to document the details of his experimentation with the blood to neutralize it's disease. Lyven informed Morticia of Rivel's fate just beyond the borders of Brad. Lyven collected and stored Rivel's belongings at his keep; which Morticia already has access to. Lyven also shared that the guide of the ambushed caravan had circled one location on his map, the Vilic Desert just north of Mt Emberlust, as their planned destination. Morticia left Lyven with the parting information that the blood came from Dirkholm.

Rise to Lord:
Morticia wasted no time gathering any needed belongings and immediately heading out to the Vilic Desert. Upon her arrival to the small trading village of Vistil, Morticia started her search for any documents or journals that belonged to Pejuran Oversa. Morticia quickly garnered attention for her magical abilities. Morticia's ability to conjure abundant food and water in a land starving of these resources, gave her an edge in collecting the information that she sought. Morticia learned that Pejuran Oversa was the founder and lord of Vistil, many years ago. When Pejuran passed away his second in command, and member of the Vincent family of the typically nomadic Pursi race, took control as best as they could. The Vincents were loyal students and apostles of Pejuran. They claimed to have been instructed to keep Vistil flourishing, until Pejuran returned in a different form. Indeed, the Vincent family was still in control of Vistil. However, Vistil was far from flourishing when Morticia arrived.

It didn't take much time before the members of the Vincent family confronted Morticia. Through a series of meetings and challenges, presented by members of the Vincent family, Morticia gained the acceptance and loyalty of Vistil's ruling family. Once Morticia was able to fully convince the Vincent that she is the incarnation of Pejuran, they motioned for Morticia to take over as the new lord of Vistil. Morticia initially declined this offer, informing that she has only arrived to claim any and all past belongings of Pejuran Oversa. The Vincents countered with an offer to seek out any lost articles from the "Versa" incarnations, throughout the lands of Kefier. In addition, they informed that they possess Pejuran's main journal, along with another book that was dedicated to Pejuran's unfinished research. The Vincent's allowed Morticia access to the unfinished research, as long as she served as Vistil's lord. The journal was also promised to Morticia, including being relieved from lordship, upon Morticia's completion of the research project started by Pejuran. Completely intrigued by the thought of continuing her past incarnation's research, Morticia accepted the Vincent's offer, and became the new long-awaited lord of Vistil.

Morticia has learned a great deal of history relating to the various provinces of the Kefier region. In particular, she has learned of the invisible hands of fate which manipulate the various peoples of Vitoria (more specifically the people of Vitoria's Kefier region). Morticia interprets this manipulation as an insult; indicating that the people of Kefier are mere pawns. Morticia aims to sever this control over Vitoria's people. Through the use of a very powerful astral projection spell, Morticia has learned that select individuals are serving as avatars; primed to engulf the entire Kefier region in war. In order to break this control over the people of Vitoria, Morticia must first stop the war that is erupting throughout the Kefier region.

Tangus the Unchained

Home: Lord of Rancorth.
Personality: Impatient, Ruthless, Legendary Warrior, Prideful, Self Reliant, Impressed by those who are able to accomplish great tasks through their own merits.
Bio: Male adult.
Race: Orc.
Alignment: Chaos Evil.
Attributes: Armored, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Fire.
Roles: Siege, Tank, Damage Dealer.

Warlord Design: Tangus's general gameplay design is to fill the signature aggressor role. His significant strength allows him to pillage level-1 settlements or war camps by himself, over the span of 2 game rounds. Tangus is armored, has high health, and can self heal. Given his excellent combat capabilities, Tangus would win nearly any warlord duel.

Tangus's Past:
Born within the prisons of the Rancorth province, Tangus never grew to know his blood parents. Tangus was sold on the slave market to the farming province of Meaden, as a baby. Early in this childhood, Tangus displayed incredible strength. Because of this, Tangus's slave duties became ever more physical and demanding. Tangus grew to hate his enslavement, his owners, and the concept of slavery. As Tangus got older, he became an increasingly hostile threat to his owner. Out of fear of eventually being unable to restrain Tangus, his owner sold Tangus to another owner from the distant desert province of Vistil. However, by this time it was too late. Through brute strength, Tangus broke free of this chains. The owner and his entire family in Meaden were slaughtered. Tangus then headed north towards Rancorth, killing any and all known slave owners or traders that he came across. Along the way Tangus freed any chained slaves, but refused to let any of those freed to follow him. Those that did follow, were challenged by Tangus, and quickly killed out of disgust.

Rise to Lord:
When Tangus reached Rancorth, he tried to enter its famed military academy, but was turned down by the academy's headmaster Urill Kiver due to his lack of money or prestigious upbringing. Tangus noted the open usage and trade of slaves throughout the province. Tangus conspired with many slaves of various well-off nobility. By promising to free those slaves who provided detailed information of their owner's fortunes and activities, Tangus was able to determine which owners contained the biggest and most accessible wealth with the smallest risks of being caught. Tangus then strategically slaughtered one wealthy slave owner after another. Tangus freed these slaves unless they requested access to some of the spoils, or offered servitude to Tangus. When this occurred, Tangus considered them weak, and quickly killed them.

With these stolen fortunes, Tangus was able to re-enter the academy, under its new headmaster Lork Breen. Urill Kiver was appointed lordship of Rancorth through his prestige and marriage into the previous lord's (Leed Orro) family. Tangus excelled at the academy, and eventually earned the attention of Urill. Tangus challenged Urill to a sparring match, after being overlooked for selection as one of Urill's personal guards. Urill accepted the challenge and defeated Tangus. This marked the first time that Tangus was ever defeated in battle. After the fight, Urill allowed Tangus to serve as the personal guard for his wife (Ronill Orro Kiver). Though Tangus never showed it, he was humiliated by this offer. Tangus accepted the offer under the condition that Urill abolishes slavery in Rancorth. Initially, Urill banned the active trading of slaves in Rancorth. Enforcement of this law was placed under the command of Tangus. Pressure from the various noble families of Rancorth prevented Urill from fully abolishing slavery in Rancorth (existing ownership, and slave-born children was still allowed). To distract Tangus from his fleeting promise, Urill turned Tangus on to the false idea of taking control of nearby provinces Meaden, and Crossroads. These two provinces were the biggest practitioners of slavery and slave-trading. However, Urill made little progress towards developing a strategic war plan.

As time passed, during a "busy" assignment, Tangus was informed of this deceptive tactic by Urill. When Tangus returned to Rancorth, he rallied all of his loyal cadets and freed any combat capable slaves. Within 24-hours of his return to Rancorth, Tangus seized control of the Lord's keep, and defeated Urill Kiver in a duel. Tangus then took claim over Lordship of Rancorth. The first order from Tangus was to free all slaves within the province. Any slave owners who remained within Rancorth were to be arrested. Daily gladiatorial events were held, with each arrested slave owner given a chance to earn their release by having to fight against each slave that they owned. Within a months time, Tangus amassed a large trained force to assault the Crossroads during it's largest commercial trading event; reaping many spoils, and freeing all slaves being traded within the Crossroad's neutral gray-law market.

Tangus yearns to push past his limits and find out how far his combat and leadership capabilities will take him. Tangus will not hesitate to obliterate any obstacles that get in his way.

Vagabond Golyar Ale'Breath

Home: The Brown Mountain City of Dwarves, Forgo. Traveled throughout other parts of the Kefier region.
Personality: Responsible, Disciplined, Unforgiving, Honest, expecting the worst, high standards, and suffers from atychiphobia.
Bio: Male middle-aged adult.
Race: Dwarf.
Alignment: Law Good.
Attributes: Elemental, Humanoid.
Damage Affinity: Normal and Magic.
Roles: Tank, Disruptor, Anti-Construct.

Warlord Design: Golyar's is the signature "tank" role. He has the fastest attack speed and land-based movement speed among the warlord units. This makes Golyar ideal at defeating squad units. Golyar is also highly effective against earth-elemental and construct units; turning stone to dust with a single strike. Golyar can channel his elemental energy in order to make his body temporarily resistant to a certain damage type. Having lived a destitute life of a drunken beggar, Golyar knows full well how to taunt and annoy onlookers. Golyar believes that he can reach transcendence, by training others on how to achieve the same degree of enlightenment that he has attained.

Failing Expectations: Throughout most of Golyar's adult life, he was known within the province of Forgo as the drunkard failure. Golyar was born into the wealthy upper class family of Forgo, the Rothwalt family, which owned numerous business establishments throughout the province. When Golyar reached adulthood he was tasked with running one of the many family tavern businesses; with the expectation to gain enough experience to take over larger parts of the family business. However, Golyar never met these grand expectations, as he ran his business into bankruptcy.

Addiction: At an early age, Golyar was weak and succumbed to the demon of alcoholism. Golyar's alcoholism led to his failure to take over his family's business. Not wanting to risk further impact on the family business, or support Golyar's addiction, his family legally removed the Rothwalt name from Golyar and disowned him. Overwhelmed with embarrassment Golyar left Forgo, with a large severance payment, and traveled across the Kefier region. It didn't take long for his struggles with alcoholism to leave him a homeless, destitute beggar.

Finding Enlightenment: Years later, Golyar wakes from a dirty alley of Meaden in another terrible drunken stupor, and decides to end his wayward suffering. Golyar marched on foot, day and night, without food or rest until he reached the Great Hope of Vitoria bridge. Arriving at the bridge's highest point Golyar stood at its edge, and reflected upon his entire life of failure, shame, and misery. Golyar scoffed at what he thought was to be his final reminiscent memory of a conversation between himself and another tavern patron. The conversation was of the patron's experiences with the religious teachings of enlightenment and reaching transcendence. Just as Golyar was about to step off the bridge and end his life, a distant explosion was heard coming from the center of Maivien. Curiosity carried the weak and frail Golyar closer, as smoke started to rise from what was once the most peaceful and prosperous province in the Kefier region. Getting closer Golyar could hear the distant screams of pain and suffering, by which resonated with his own internal thoughts. In an instant, Golyar mustered an unknown vigor and rushed headlong towards the center of the chaos; forgetting his own struggles and wanting nothing more than to help quell the suffering of others.

Rise to Power:
When Golyar reached Maivien's trading center, he found the aftermath of a violent attack that left the area in burning chaos and destruction. Golyar provided assistance to the many injured or unconscious people. With an unnatural speed he carried many wounded individuals to the infirmary. Golyar assisted the local militia with quenching the fires. He spent the following few weeks tending to the various needs of those whom were suffering the most from this seemingly unprovoked attack. It was during this time that Golyar learned that the attack was conducted by the Ravens of Nighier performance group. In addition, the attack was timed to coincide with Rancorth's assault on Maivien's neighboring town of the Crossroads. During the attack, Kadeum the Lord of Maivien, ordered that access to the Great Hope of Vitoria bridge be blocked, and for all boats on the lake port to be docked and restricted from leaving. Maivien itself was on complete lockdown, while the local militia searched for suspects and those affiliated with the Ravens of Nighier.

Golyar, after dealing with the immediate distresses of the people, gained knowledge of Maivien's lockdown and search for suspects from the militia guards that he assisted. Being a vagabond, Golyar frequented and was quite familiar with the people and culture of the Nighier province. In fact, he attended multiple performances by the Ravens of Nighier, and even shared numerous drinks with its members. Leveraging this knowledge, Golyar was able to identify and arrest one of the Ravens of Nighier suspects. Golyar turned the suspect in, along with his evidence to the Maivien militia. Leon Wallstrong, the commander of the Maivien Knights, and uncle to its lord Kadeum, thanked and gave special privaledges to Golyar. Through interrogation of the suspect, Leon & Golyar learned some critical information about the recent assaults, a potential follow-up assault by Nighier, Tangus's involvement, and the correlation to the eastern dominated slave-trade economy.

Leon, impressed with Golyar's assistance and tenacity, agreed to Golyar's volunteering request to infiltrate Nighier. Golyar was to cross-confirm the suspected motives of Nighier, along with acquiring any knowledge relating to future attacks from Nighier. Golyar was entrusted with this task in secret. Just a week prior to the Maivien Feastival, Golyar returned from Nighier without any actionable or discernable information to report back to Leon. Golyar, believing that he has failed, spent the remainder of his time drinking at the tavern; albeit with great restraint and self-loathing. Golyar continued to assist the injured and displaced people of Nighier, and quickly sobered up, leading into the day of the Maivien Feastival.

Another attack, this time successfully assassinating the Arch Bishop Father Frederick Ferthing, was conducted once again by the Ravens of Nighier. Golyar, along with a group of adventurers from Meaden (Anna'Xandra, Vilna, and Ruffus the Red) managed to subdue the attackers, and killed their leader RakRak. Golyar and the adventurers were praised and given special audience with Kadeum, and his mother The Maiden. It was during this event where the fate and lasting bonds between Golyar, Vilna, Anna'Xandra, and Ruffus were entwined for the coming war.

Having helped those in need during the attacks on Maivien, Golyar has found a new purpose to his life. Golyar wants nothing more than to alleviate the physical and mental sufferings of others. To this end, Golyar has realized that the scope of his goal must match that of those whom wish harm upon the masses. Golyar understands that he will need strong allies from all across the land in order to subdue the widespread suffering. With each person he aids, Golyar can sense a soothing of his own personal anguish.

More details coming soon...

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